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TL;DR: The Bad News Feed is a monthly roundup of news and stories on Big Tech and the attention economy.

What is The Bad News Feed?

A few years ago I read an essay by Andrew Sullivan that led me down a rabbit hole on all things Big Tech and the attention economy. I began to see the devastating effects that rampant smartphone and social media use was not only having on me personally, but on children, families, communities, and just about every other domain imaginable. And I learned that many of Facebook, Google, and Amazon’s vile, manipulative practices are a feature, not a bug, and that if you were to get rid of them, their business models would fall apart.

I also noticed that outside of a few niche writers and publications, no one was really talking about any of this…

And that’s by design! Big Tech invests millions of dollars in PR campaigns to create public trust in their brands, while there are only a handful of reporters dedicated to uncovering the truth about what they’re really doing.

The Bad News Feed is my small effort in making these stories more accessible.

Every month, I round up all of the most pressing news and stories surrounding Big Tech and the attention economy, and deliver them straight to your inbox! I hope you’ll follow along.

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