Reflecting on three months of bad news

And a new format for the newsletter

The reason I started The Bad News Feed is that I was overwhelmed with the sheer volume of bad news surrounding Big Tech, and I wanted to create a brief, digestible newsletter that would replace the constant deluge of stories and controversies that we hear about every day.

But I’ve slowly realized that even once a week feels like a lot. Another week, another horrible revelation about Facebook. Okay, so what? Part of the reason bad stories about Big Tech don’t really seem to get the attention they deserve is that we’ve been so inundated with them that they’ve become normal, expected. We have bad news fatigue. Facebook has been in the news for years for its questionable and unethical practices, and yet we all just move on. It’s almost as if that’s by design. If bad news about a company is rare, then when something significant does happen, it’s a big deal. But when it’s the norm, no one seems to care. We’re all too busy to keep track of the latest Facebook controversy – there are too many!

So I’m changing the approach. Instead of a weekly briefing, it’s going to be monthly. And instead of drowning in all of the bad news, I’m going to curate the stories that really matter, and include the relevant commentary and resources that I find most helpful. I’m also going to start working on more opinion pieces, interviews, guest posts, and more.

Thanks for following along.